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Around the web, February 7

  • This Saturday Duke Law hosts a conference, "The New European Choice-of-Law Revolution"; field "in crisis in the U.S." but "thriving in Europe" [info; note paper by PoL contributor Larry Ribstein]
  • Medical coincidence? Thirty-three Brent Coon clients who worked at or near a Chicagoland locomotive factory filed simultaneous asbestosis and silicosis claims [MC Record]
  • Suggested Mississippi bumper sticker: "Real Lawyers Don't Bribe Judges" [Rossmiller]
  • Marie Gryphon's post on the question of why contingency fees are so uniform draws much attention [Beck & Herrmann, Robinette @ TortsProf, Steir @ Mass Tort Lit, Blawgletter]
  • Wisconsin high court joins trend toward rejecting "attractive advertising" suits blaming marketing for underage drinking [Rebecca Schwartz, Shook Hardy & Bacon, for WLF -- PDF]
  • West Virginia courts defended in a study by two professors from that state [State Journal]



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