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Around the web, January 7

  • Despite New York's 2003 abolition of ad damnum clauses (earlier, as well as here), many in the press continue to find news in the notional damages numbers lawyers announce when they file suits [Turkewitz]
  • If you're a commenter from Langston Law Firm dropping by a blog that's probing the Scruggs scandal, best not to take an abusive tone [Lotus/Folo]
  • Resentment of chain stores, and legislation aimed at curtailing their spread, goes back a long way [Moynihan/Reason]
  • Proposal for medical no-fault liability via contract [NCPA via Robinette/TortsProf]
  • Early inferences from Supreme Court's Tellabs decision on pleading standards in securities litigation under PSLRA [Kuwayti & Tkachenko/WLF]
  • If you thought the fees paid to outside lawyers in the Mississippi/MCI tax case were indefensible, well, here's someone defending them [Bill Minor/NEM Daily Journal]
  • Blawg Review #141 is hosted by Charon QC in the UK; for a panoramic tour of the blawgosphere try zipping through #140, #139, #138, #137, #136, #135, #134, #133, #132, #131 and others listed at Blawg Review.



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