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If you're not reading Overlawyered...

If you're not reading my (and Ted's) other site, you're missing out on stories like: lawsuit against mutual insurer moves money expensively from policyholders' left to right pocket; Oregon suit targets truck's previous owner over accident resulting from alleged under-maintenance; Mikal Watts drops Texas Senate bid; personality tests for physicians who want insurance; does media criticism count as "abnormal working conditions" for workers' comp purposes?; N.Y. attorney-bride sues over wedding flowers; Federici v. U-Haul, joint and several liability in action; Illinois Civil Justice League on presidential candidates' stands; generous West Virginia jury; wrong doctor sued in Mississippi med-mal case, which didn't mean he was going to get off easy; class-action forum-shopping isn't over; more on Washington's anti-insurer Referendum 67; and much more.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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