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"Health Courts, Administrative Compensation and Patient Safety"

Upcoming Common Good conference in Washington Nov. 5, at the offices of the Human Rights Campaign. Description (N.B.: updated from earlier version):

This event, the fourth in our series of national forums sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, will provide information about: (1) the negligence standard and medical error causation; (2) the potential patient safety benefits to be gained from shifting to an ´┐Żavoidability´┐Ż standard for compensating medical injuries; (3) a variety of state reform initiatives; and (4) non-legislative approaches to crafting an administrative compensation system. The event is designed to discuss patient-safety focused alternatives to the current medical liability system, and to receive feedback from key stakeholders. In particular, this forum will focus on recent research conducted by a team at the Harvard School of Public Health (many of whom are notable for their previous work on medical liability, such as on The Project on Medical Liability in Pennsylvania funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts). The accompanying research paper, "Policy Experimentation with Administrative Compensation for Medical Injury: Issues under State Constitutional Law" is being published this winter in the Harvard Journal on Legislation. Speakers and respondents will include academics and representatives from consumer groups and health care quality and provider organizations.

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