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An asbestos expert's Beaumont background

Two weeks ago in this space, Ted flagged Adam Liptak's Times coverage of Mississippi-based pulmonologist Jay T. Segarra, whose testimony has come under challenge in a big Philadelphia asbestos proceeding. Wrote Liptak, "According to the records of the Claims Resolution Management Corporation, which oversees asbestos claims, he participated in almost 40,000 positive diagnoses for asbestos-related illnesses over the last 13 years, or about eight per day, every day, including weekends and holidays. There were about 200 days on which Dr. Segarra rendered positive diagnoses for more than 20 people, and 14 days with more than 50." Now the Chamber-backed Southeast Texas Record reports that Segarra was "used heavily as an expert throughout the late 1990s by Reaud [Wayne Reaud of Reaud, Morgan & Quinn], Provost Umphrey, Brent Coon and other plaintiffs' firms in Jefferson and Orange counties." A related editorial is here.

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