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Around the web, July 30

  • "Litigo": definitely not Michael Moore's next documentary [Placebo Journal via KevinMD]

  • More on that "staunch Republican" trial lawyer quoted by a Chicago Sun-Times reporter [Taranto, Malkin; earlier]

  • Columbia lawprof Michael Dorf is very dismissive of the separation-of-powers arguments against contingent-fee public representation, but appears unaware of the cases in California (Clancy and County of Santa Clara) striking down such representation as violative of the neutrality expected of government lawyers [Dorf on Law; Prof. Dorf responds]

  • Following the asbestos model? Naming long lists of defendants, from BP Amoco to Turtle Wax, seems common in benzene suits [Madison County Record 2005 and lately]

  • Vivas-Fresno State case, on Title IX retaliation, might have turned out differently had O'Connor departed the Court earlier [Michael Fox via Ambrogi]



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