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Around the web, July 9

  • Jury-infallibility buffs, call your office: new study finds erroneous verdicts in one in six criminal cases, with wrongful convictions more prevalent than mistaken acquittals [forthcoming Northwestern study in JELS; draft article by Bruce Spencer in PDF format via Cernovich]

  • Breaking a butterfly on the wheel dept.: Martin Grace takes up a silly Center for Justice and Democracy paper on the effects of litigation reform and reanalyzes its data in hopes of making it less silly [RiskProf]

  • Pay up for "arbitrariness": California's ultra-liberal Unruh Act creates even more rights to sue than you may have realized [CalBizLit]

  • Revisionism on the Tuskegee study? [Heriot on Spiked-Online 2004]

  • Still seems weird that big law firms would pay for the privilege of doing pro bono work [Boston Herald edit; earlier]



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