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Around the web, July 2

  • Mel Weiss and Bill Lerach said to have turned down plea deals that would require prison time [L.A. & S.F. Daily Journals via WSJ Law Blog]

  • How "representative" was Pearson pants suit? [Ted @ OL]

  • Seems kinda late for Miss. AG Jim Hood to decide outside counsel should only be paid $150/hr. [Salter, Clarion-Ledger]

  • Lawprof urges new wave of suits over lack of pharmaceutical efficacy, not just lack of safety; claims drugmakers' "business has not suffered much adversity in court" [Anita Bernstein, SSRN, via Childs]

  • Woman sues Starburst candy maker, says product "too chewy" [also OL, where Christian Schneider of Wisconsin Policy Research Institute has been guestblogging]

  • "Sicko is not a documentary; it's a cartoon, without animation" [Gratzer @ City Journal]



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