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"Presidential Hopefuls Unlikely To Be Tort Reformers"

Ed Murnane at Illinois Justice Blog has a candidate-by-candidate rundown. Sen. Barack Obama turns out to have voted for a "cheeseburger bill" (which would have curtailed lawsuits blaming food purveyors for obesity) as well as for the Class Action Fairness Act, but Murnane says it would be perilous to jump to the conclusion that the Illinois senator is a supporter of liability reform in any more general sense.

More: reader Ray Lehmann writes in to say, "With all due respect to Mr. Murnane, the 'cheeseburger bill' vote never happened. A related bill was passed by the House in October 2005, but the Senate's version of the Commonsense Consumption Act never had a floor vote, never had a cloture vote, and in fact, never even received a committee markup."

Yet more: Murnane explains that the reference was to Obama's vote during his service in the state legislature, not the U.S. Senate: "Illinois House Bill 3981 (in the 93rd General Assembly) was signed into law by Gov. Blagojevich on July 30, 2004. The bill was voted out of Senate Judiciary Committee 7-0 (Obama was member) on April 28, 2004. It was passed by the full Senate on May 5, 2004 by a 58-0 vote. It is Public Act 93-0848, the Commonsense Consumption Act."



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