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ABA's conduct in Wallace nomination, cont'd

Edward Whelan deems it "thoroughly scandalous":

In sum, [ABA committee chair Roberta] Liebenberg�s sworn testimony that �This is not a process where Mr. Tober [Stephen Tober, a longtime Wallace adversary] had any role whatsoever in the evaluation or the vote,� and her other categorical statements to the same effect, are truthful only if �whatsoever� is not given anything close to its ordinary meaning but is instead a secret code that means, at a minimum, �except that he assigned the first investigator, reviewed her draft report with her, assigned the second investigator, reviewed his draft report with him, determined that he was satisfied with the quality and thoroughness of both investigations, directed his committee colleagues to read the investigators� reports in tandem, received and tallied the votes, and reported the ABA�s rating to the Senate Judiciary Committee.�



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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