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"Spitzer is good for business"

Don't say we don't link to a range of different views around here: "When it comes to fashioning sound public policy in areas where legitimate business interests are at stake, Mr. Spitzer has demonstrated on many occasions that he is neither anti-business nor a knee-jerk reactor. He placed New York among the states that supported the Bush administration's consent decree ending the Microsoft case, rather than among those states that opposed it. He has long been a supporter of and also an advocate for sound reforms in the area of tort law." (sub-only WSJ at the moment, but a search on the name of Donald G. Kempf Jr., formerly executive VP and chief legal officer of Morgan Stanley, may turn it up as a reprint soon). P.S.: Jane Genova thinks it's a Halloween stunt -- "Activist AG Dressed As Good for Business".



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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