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Malpractice Liability--A Free Market Primer

Last week at the American Legislative Exchange Council national meeting in San Francisco, the Pacific Research Institute released a new book entitled What States Can Do to Reform Health Care: A Free Market Primer, which included a chapter I wrote called "Malpractice Liability: Thoughtful Tort Reform Is Good Medicine." Much of the data and many of the arguments will be familiar to those of you who have followed our writings on the subject at Point of Law, or who have read the Manhattan Institute's Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Health Care report or the recent study we published by Alex Tabarrok and Amanda Agan, "Medical Malpractice Awards, Insurance, and Negligence: Which Are Related?".

The book is intended as a primer for state legislators and policy advocates who want to understand key issues central to reforming state health care systems in a market-oriented direction. Other chapters cover a variety of topics including Medicaid (by Nina Owcharenko, Heritage Foundation), health insurance (by J.P. Wieske, Council for Affordable Health Insurance), prescription drug piracy (by Brett Skinner, Fraser Institute), and hospital certificate-of-need laws (by Roy Cordato, Locke Foundation). The book is available here (PDF).



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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