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Jay Greene on school finance litigation

Jay Greene, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute and now also at the University of Arkansas, has an op-ed today at the WSJ/OpinionJournal about judges' increasing propensity to seize the legal reins on school finance:

...the fact that per pupil spending has doubled over the past three decades while student achievement has remained stagnant ought to give us a clue that simply spending more won't fix schools. The shortcomings of schools are not generally attributable to the lack of resources, but to a lack of incentives to use resources effectively.... In Arkansas, as in too many other states, elected leaders have ceded control over the size of education budgets to unaccountable courts.

More on school finance litigation: Apr. 11, Mar. 28, etc., etc. (Fixed shortly after posting to correct error on Greene's position).



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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