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The Bush White House case for Miers

A left-wing anti-Miers site has posted the entire transcript of an October 6 White House conference call selling Miers to the base. The main argument: she's a good Christian.

David Frum comments on the Hugh Hewitt show:

I think they are making exactly the same mistake that Mario Cuomo made when he endorsed Antonin Scalia. As you'll remember, that in 1986, Ronald Reagan nominated Antonin Scalia, a very conservative Italian-American. And Mario Cuomo endorsed him because he thought being a fellow Italian-American was more important than being a fellow liberal or conservative. And as a result, Scalia passed with like 90 plus voted in the U.S. Senate, thanks to Mario Cuomo. Well if Cuomo had that to do all over again, he would say you know what? Identity matters less than conviction. And so I think there are people like Dobson who are saying there aren't evangelical Christians represented in proportion on the Court. And I think they're right to feel hey. You know, we'd like to see...it's not like there are very few of us. We're a big part of America, and we have a right to be represented, and they're right about that. The president's nominated one of us, so just like Mario Cuomo endorsing Antonin Scalia, they are putting too little impact on what's in somebody's head, and too much weight on what is on somebody's biography.



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