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Miers: Frum's response to Scully

It didn't take David Frum long to draft a devastating and scathing response to Matthew Scully's New York Times op-ed defending Miers, which Walter noted as interesting.

The first and most famous slogan of the American conservative movement was: "Ideas have consequences." But if Matt fairly represents the state of mind inside the Bush White House, and on this I fear he does, then the main consequence of ideas seems to be ineligibility for service on the nation's highest court. ...

That line about the critics of the Miers nomination and their $20,000 speaking fees - is that really, um, well-considered? Does Matt expect anyone to take seriously the claim that those of us who oppose Miers are self-serving cynics, while those who silence their doubts and say "yes sir" to an erring president are self-sacrificing idealists? We're supposed to believe that Robert Bork is in it for the cash, while Ed Gillespie fights for the principle of the thing

It's bad enough that Bush made this nomination, but it's very disturbing that the Bush White House strategy for defending the decision is a bunker mentality of taking the conservative movement down with it.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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