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Miers as bar-defender

Back in 1992-93, at least, it seems she came across as a wagon-circler, decrying those who would criticize our great litigation system and legal profession, which should instead be admired as the finest in the world, etc., etc. It must be said that pronouncements of this sort are entirely unsurprising appearing in the monthly column of a bar association president; indeed, they typify the tenor of pretty much every such column I've ever read. And, as the L.A. Times reports, Miers "is believed to have undergone something of a political evolution since then," an evolution which may have begun fairly soon after 1993, as indicated by her role in the 1995 legal-fee controversy we linked the other day.

Matthew Scully has an interesting op-ed supporting Miers in today's New York Times.

More: A letter to the editor in today's Times from Ross E. Heller of Bethesda, Md., who is described as "the publisher of CustomNews, which issues a weekly trade newspaper that provides news and information about national and local trade and professional associations", cautions against identifying Miers too closely with "prose affixed to her name while president of the Texas Bar Association," as David Brooks did in a column earlier in the week:

If Ms. Miers's term as president of the bar association was like that of most state, local and even national association presidents, it's unlikely that she spent much time pondering what to say in her monthly missive to members.

The drafting of such content is usually delegated to the junior member of the organization's communications department, occasionally followed by a look-see from another association official.

Of course, it is possible that Miers did not follow standard bar association practice in this respect. Several accounts of her public career, including Scully's, describe her as unusually attentive to the details of draft public pronouncements that passed through her office.



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