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"Et tu, W?"

Dylan of the "Still Angry" blog makes the case that the Miers nomination is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

Paul Caron tries to taint Miers with a questionable tax shelter her law firm concocted for its tax clients. The smear is unfair. A litigation partner, even one who is the "managing partner," has no effective oversight over what the tax department of a law firm is doing. The way every major law firm in America is structured, the managing partner has a choice of getting rid of the tax department or trusting the judgment of the partners managing that department—and, depending on the structure of the firm management, sometimes not even that first option. While a law firm can create a number of internal policies with varying effectiveness in preventing problems, at the end of the day it's impossible to provide oversight over every single partner's every single transaction. There are plenty of reasons to object to Miers without trying to tar her with things she had nothing to do with.

(Both links via A3G.)



Rafael Mangual
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