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"Actuaries Say Med-Mal Report Misled the Public"

Insurance Journal:

Independent actuaries with the firm Towers Perrin say that a July 2005 report released by the Center for Justice and Democracy and five other "consumer groups" is incomplete and unsound.

Jay Angoff, an attorney employed by a personal injury law firm, performed the analysis for the six "consumer groups" and claimed that medical liability insurers have overcharged doctors and hospitals and accumulated record amounts of surplus over the last three years.

However, an analysis of Angoff's report by actuaries James Hurley and Gail Tverberg reportedly finds that those claims are not supported by the data, nor do they pass a common sense test.

Details, and a link to the new report (PDF), at the Tillinghast/Towers Perrin site. "The Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA) brought the Angoff report to the attention of the Tillinghast business of Towers Perrin, and asked if Tillinghast would be interested in providing an independent review of the report," which review was carried out without compensation from any source, according to authors Hurley and Tverberg.

The Angoff/CJD report, to which the New York Times gave credulous coverage, was earlier taken to task by our own Jim Copland and Martin Grace. More on Angoff here and here. Update Oct. 31: another study refutes report.



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