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Heather Mac Donald on John Roberts & HLS

Heather Mac Donald, the Manhattan Institute senior fellow and attorney who's famed for her groundbreaking pieces on topics from crime and urban policy to education and homeland security, dropped us this note:

I have not been subjecting myself to the New York Times's search for Roberts's every last conservative peccadillo, but my eye happened to catch Sunday's remarkable quote from Prof. Morton Horwitz about the tragedy of students coming to Harvard with "conservative prejudices" and leaving with those prejudices intact. Horwitz is of course eminently qualified to comment on Roberts, having never taught him. Better yet is Horwitz's own self-description as a "liberal," which the Times happily parrots. That would be the same Horwitz, prominent in the far-left Critical Legal Studies movement, whom a sympathetic reviewer called a "once self-proclaimed 'vulgar Marxist.'" Horwitz's sleight-of-hand is kind of like: "Torquemada, a self-described law-and-order proponent".

It must be nice to be so utterly un-self-conscious about one's ideological correctness. I will not wait for the day when the Times seeks out conservative faculty to comment on the bizarre behavior of liberal students who somehow manage to evade the educational mission of their schools. One might add that anyone who holds on to his conservative principles after a Harvard education has shown precisely the sort of intellectual independence that we should seek in our judges.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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