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Walter Olson has graciously allowed me to be a guest here at Point of Law. I normally reside at RiskProf where I comment on law and liability economics. I am an economist who went to law school. I did both degress simultaneously and both programs thought I was crazy. One of my economics professors was quite indignant and wanted to know whether I understood that lawyers were the source of dead weight losses. I said I did understand, but one could make more money transferring wealth than teaching supply and demand. I don�t know what happened after that � the next thing I knew I was teaching in a business school and I am now a professor of risk management and insurance. My areas of interest (and where I do most of my research) is in regulation and taxation of the insurance industry. I�ll be posting here and at my own web log over the next two weeks and I can be reached at riskprof [at] gmail.com. Thanks Walter!



Rafael Mangual
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