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"The Limits of International Law"

Powerline recommends the new book, The Limits of International Law:

Goldsmith and Posner argue that "the best explanation for when and why states comply with international law is not that states have internalized international law, or have a habit of complying with it, or are drawn by its moral pull, but simply that states act out of self interest." If they are right, then the limits of international law are profound because states will not comply with international law when it is not in their self interest to do so. And Goldsmith and Posner make a compelling case for their thesis.

Peter Berkowitz reviews this book, and two others on the subject, for Policy Review. Elsewhere on-line: AEI conference; Peggy McGuiness; Lawrence Solum; Posner and Hathaway debate on Legal Affairs.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

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