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Justice Talking

This week on National Public Radio, the show "Justice Talking" will air my debate with Arthur Bryant, the Executive Director of the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, a trial lawyer-friendly "public interest" law firm (see posting Nov. 15). The debate was wide ranging on the desirability of tort reform, with a special emphasis on medical malpractice issues (a number of doctors were in the audience, which is unsurprising given that Pennsylvania is one of the American Medical Association's "states in crisis").

The program is one hour, condensed from an hour-and-a-half debate. I had no input over editing but any in-context flubs to answers are obviously my own; at the time, I thought I'd done respectably (especially against a seasoned trial lawyer). The program is on today in the New York metropolitan area at 4 pm, on 91.5 FM. For airtimes and stations in other areas, check local listings.

UPDATE: I have been told that New York's WNYE 91.5 FM chose to run a different, older Justice Talking today, rather than the Limiting Lawsuits program with Arthur Bryant and myself. The debate can, however, be accessed online via Windows Media Player here. If you wish to contact WNYE to inquire whether, and when, they are running the "Limiting Lawsuits" program, they can be reached at (718) 250-5800.



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