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Suggested reading

I don't expect to post again until Monday, so here's some reading material to keep you occupied while I'm away:

* Robert Sirico, "Liability Matters", National Review Online, Jul. 29: religion may have insights to offer about the role of personal responsibility, contrition and vengeance in civil lawsuits;

* R. Glenn Hubbard, "Let's Put the 'Litigation Tax' on Trial", Business Week, Aug. 9, reprinted at AEI: litigation reform as an element of macroeconomic policy;

* Jon Kyl, "The case for tort reform", TruthNews, Aug. 2: views of Senator from Arizona;

* Lowell Ponte, "John Edwards: A Workingman's Nightmare", FrontPage, Jul. 28: investigative piece on the senator and his backers.

The latter two pieces are also kind enough to quote me.

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