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Around the web, April 30

  • The calming storm? Sen. Lott and State Farm settle his Katrina insurance suit [AP]

  • Did you know much-honored Harvard lawprof Arthur Miller "has had a longstanding relationship with Milberg Weiss"? [Lattman; more on lawprof consultants from NLJ]

  • Despite hype, activists have failed to prove bias underlies male-female pay gap [Chapman]

  • Calling Gerry Spence a limousine liberal may not be great for your career as a young trial lawyer [Cernovich]

  • Some N.J. lawmakers would like to ban lawyers from soliciting as clients persons whose names are scraped from court and police records [NJLJ]

  • Billions at stake as Supreme Court mulls whether to uphold exemption of home health workers from FLSA wage/hour standards [AP]

  • Just sad: tenured prof departs Iowa Law School (albeit with big severance) after faking student evaluations [Volokh]



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