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Lawless Mississippi kills its economy

The attack on Mississippi's insurers over Katrina is already having consequences. Unable to be confident that the state will be willing to fairly enforce contracts as written (Oct. 11, 2005; Oct. 16, 2006), insurers are simply not issuing new ones. The town of Long Beach is finding that businesses are unable to reopen because of the lack of insurance. Insurance isn't the only reason the town's largest employer, Oreck Corporation, has picked up stakes and moved to Tennessee, taking with it 500 jobs and $300,000/year in property taxes, but it's been a contributing, and perhaps the deciding, factor. The legislature's response has been to make things worse: criticize the businesses who have left, and seek to further regulate the price of insurance, despite thousands of years of evidence that limiting the price will reduce the amount supplied and lead to shortages. (Leslie Eaton, "Vacuum Maker Hailed as Savior Quits Gulf Town", New York Times, Jan. 15) (via Rossmiller).



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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