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Hevesi's Milberg connection

The political spotlight has been aimed mostly at Milberg campaign beneficiary Eliot Spitzer, who's opted to return the donations, but his less famous Albany colleague, State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, should be squirming at least as nervously, as this New York Sun editorial notes:

...Hevesi accepted $100,000 from the firm for his 2002 campaign, as well as $13,500 each from senior partners Melvyn Weiss and William Lerach....after winning re-election in 2002 in part with a cash infusion from Milberg Weiss, Mr. Hevesi just happened to hire the firm to represent the state's public-employee pension fund in - you guessed it - a shareholder suit against Bayer AG.

New York's Republican Governor George Pataki has taken Milberg money for his campaigns too. More on Hevesi's connections: OL May 14 and Dec. 10, 2004 and Apr. 14, 2005 and this site, Oct. 25, 2004.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

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