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Wishful thinking about Miers II

Professor Bainbridge persuasively explains why my tongue-in-cheek stalking-horse theory about Miers ain't so. Then go to his October page, where he has lots of other good posts on the nomination, including a quote from a free WSJ op-ed piece:

Is the President sending a message that these distinguished conservatives are too controversial to be nominated for the High Court, even with a Senate containing 55 Republicans? The lesson this nomination in particular will send to younger lawyers is to keep your opinions to yourself, don't join the Federalist Society, and, heaven forbid, never write an op-ed piece. This isn't healthy in a democracy, and in this sense a Supreme Court fight over legal philosophy that ended in a conservative victory would have demonstrated to the left that Borking no longer works.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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