Lawyer Ordered to Pay $45K for Frivolous Appeals

11th Circuit Ruling May Head Off Forum Shopping

Judicial Races Get Meaner

Tort reform is already showing positive results

Malpractice debate pours cash on race for justice

Court Chops More off $3 Billion Award in Philip Morris Case

Tobacco trial heads for big showdown

Lawyers' Invoices Are Not Privileged Communications

House Moves to Crack Down on Frivolous Lawsuits

Pfizer Settlement Clears Asbestos Litigation

Philip Morris, Plaintiffs Spar Over Ill. Supreme Court Justice

Philip Morris seeks removal of law firm

State caps on liability argued at high court

Bad News for Bad Lawyers

Ford, Magna Face Class Action Over Door Latches

Costco Latest in Wave of Gender Bias Suits

Bankruptcy Judge Puts Brakes on Asbestos Claims

Women Progress, but Few Queens of Torts

Builders, Insurers Brace for Hurricane Charley's Legal Impact

Edwards' malpractice suits leave bitter taste

ABA Is Hit With Race Bias Claim

Mass. Court OKs Class Action Status in 'Light' Cigarette Suit

Review OKd in Wal-Mart case

2nd Circuit: Lower Court Erred in Releasing Settlement Data

Boies' Bid for Massive Class Fails

Four Insurers Agree to Pay $14 Million to Settle Lawsuit

Fen-Phen Trials Get Under Way in Philadelphia

Bristol-Myers to Pay $300M in Settlement

Retired judge to join law firm of adviser in asbestos cases

Rehabilitating the L-word

Removal of judge denied in Bridgestone-Firestone suit

N.Y. Bill Would Cap Tobacco Suit Appeal Bonds

Lawsuit Alleges Google Discriminates Against Older Workers

In a Shift, Bush Moves to Block Medical Suits

Huge tobacco verdict at issue again

Calif. Justices Hit Rewind on 'Friends' Suit

Lawyers in U.S. Microsoft Case Want Cut of Fees in Miami Suit

EBay Ruling Punctures Web Liability Shield

FDA's Approval of Medical Device Bars Products Suit

Out-of-State Diet Drug Plaintiffs May Sue in Philadelphia

N.Y. Panel Splits on Liability Under Scaffold Law

Barrage of lawsuits 'huge wake-up call' for non-profit hospitals

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Fla. Office but No Fla. Bar Exam for Johnnie Cochran?

New Laws Help Tobacco Makers With Big Judgments

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Obesity policy will benefit trial lawyers

Edwards makes Houston stop

Cash 'N' Kerry

$112 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict Dismissed

No Middle Ground in Reaction to Edwards

Study: Calif. Med-Mal Trial Awards Reduced by 30 Percent

2nd Circuit Rejects Class Status in Lawsuit Over Stock Analysis

30 groups will support tobacco verdict

Crackdown on Lawyer Ads

The Women of Wall Street Get Their Day in Court

Behind the Breakup of the Kings of Tort

McDonald's hit with french fries lawsuit

Senate abandons class-action lawsuit bill

Consumers Union, Suzuki settle eight-year-old lawsuit

Senate Republicans, Dems battle class-action bill

Trial-Lawyers Lobby Discovers Unlikely Friends: Republicans

Judge rejects defense argument in tobacco case

Business Groups Greet Selection With Hostility

Wal-Mart challenges size of class action suit

Initiative Seeks Curbs on Consumer Lawsuits

Senate Republicans Seek to Limit Class-Action Suits

Edwards gives ticket a Southern identity

Ski Area Negligence: A Slippery Slope

Plaintiffs Bar Checks Into Hospitals

Microsoft to Pay Up to $241 Million in Minnesota Class Action

Lloyd's Launches $30M Fight

Businesses Quake Over California Case

Justice Breyer Rebuffs a Complaint

U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear 3M's Appeal of $68 Million Award

Microsoft Settles Arizona Antitrust Suit

Privacy Claim Driven Out of Court

Calabresi Apologizes for Bush Jabs

Officers, store settle in handgun lawsuit

Politics From the Bench

Judge's 'Mussolini' Comments Violated Ethics, Critics Say

Wal-Mart vs. 1.6M female workers

HMOs win Supreme Court ruling

Audience Gasps as Judge Likens Election of Bush to Rise of Il Duce

Edwards' Army Recruited for Kerry Cash Push

Judges get leeway on appeal security

U.S. High Court Action Bodes Ill for French Railroad Suit

Conn. Justice Attacks 'Aggressive' Lawyer Ads

Courts' race standard rejected

Sacramento atheist wins $1 million Web libel judgment

Damage-awards law tossed

Mother May Claim Emotional Damages for Harm at Birth

Barbour touts tort reforms in D.C., N.Y.

Court decides $79.5 million award against tobacco giant is right sum

New York suit against Microsoft can continue

Johnnie Cochran Is Miami-Bound

Supremes Say Foreign Governments Can Face Suits in U.S. Courts

Owens Corning, Some Creditors OK Agreement

Spat over valedictorian spawns Maryland suit

Asbestos Bankruptcies Face Setbacks on Two Fronts

Taft signs bill curbing asbestos suits

Class Action Yields $60.7 Million in Legal Fees

$123 million awarded in SUV rollover

9th Circuit Won't Rehear Gun Liability Case

Frist to Delay Action on Lawsuits Bill

Class Certification in Mold Case Denied

GOP Looks to Limit Class-Action Suits

Schwarzenegger Sees Money for State in Punitive Damages

Arbitration trend fuels consumer lawsuits

Fen-Phen Opt-Outs Win Evidentiary Victory

Tracking the Boom in Prescription Drug Litigation

2nd Circuit Vacates $36.7M Attorney Fee Award

Owens Corning creditors want more

Fen-Phen Plaintiffs Dealt Blow in Pa., Federal Court

Court Boots Nationwide Class Action Against Compaq

Judge ordered to step down in 3 US asbestos cases

Judge Upholds $1 Billion Fen-Phen Award

Lawsuits target alcohol industry

Court throws out $48M award against Propulsid maker

Lawyers seeking $258M for Microsoft lawsuit

Beisner, Miller Publish New Study on Civil Litigation

Citigroup Settles WorldCom Litigation

Governor faces tough choices on lawsuit initiative

Fen-Phen Lawyers Seek Halt of Payouts

Arlen Specter or His Opponent? Trial Lawyers Like Both

Milberg Weiss Completes Its Breakup

Coach's Lawsuit Is Going to Trial