June 2004 Archives

Microsoft Settles Arizona Antitrust Suit

Privacy Claim Driven Out of Court

Calabresi Apologizes for Bush Jabs

Officers, store settle in handgun lawsuit

Politics From the Bench

Judge's 'Mussolini' Comments Violated Ethics, Critics Say

Wal-Mart vs. 1.6M female workers

HMOs win Supreme Court ruling

Audience Gasps as Judge Likens Election of Bush to Rise of Il Duce

Edwards' Army Recruited for Kerry Cash Push

Judges get leeway on appeal security

U.S. High Court Action Bodes Ill for French Railroad Suit

Conn. Justice Attacks 'Aggressive' Lawyer Ads

Courts' race standard rejected

Sacramento atheist wins $1 million Web libel judgment

Damage-awards law tossed

Mother May Claim Emotional Damages for Harm at Birth

Barbour touts tort reforms in D.C., N.Y.

Court decides $79.5 million award against tobacco giant is right sum

New York suit against Microsoft can continue

Johnnie Cochran Is Miami-Bound

Supremes Say Foreign Governments Can Face Suits in U.S. Courts

Owens Corning, Some Creditors OK Agreement

Spat over valedictorian spawns Maryland suit

Asbestos Bankruptcies Face Setbacks on Two Fronts

Taft signs bill curbing asbestos suits

Class Action Yields $60.7 Million in Legal Fees

$123 million awarded in SUV rollover

9th Circuit Won't Rehear Gun Liability Case

Frist to Delay Action on Lawsuits Bill

Class Certification in Mold Case Denied