May 2004 Archives

GOP Looks to Limit Class-Action Suits

Schwarzenegger Sees Money for State in Punitive Damages

Arbitration trend fuels consumer lawsuits

Fen-Phen Opt-Outs Win Evidentiary Victory

Tracking the Boom in Prescription Drug Litigation

2nd Circuit Vacates $36.7M Attorney Fee Award

Owens Corning creditors want more

Fen-Phen Plaintiffs Dealt Blow in Pa., Federal Court

Court Boots Nationwide Class Action Against Compaq

Judge ordered to step down in 3 US asbestos cases

Judge Upholds $1 Billion Fen-Phen Award

Lawsuits target alcohol industry

Court throws out $48M award against Propulsid maker

Lawyers seeking $258M for Microsoft lawsuit

Beisner, Miller Publish New Study on Civil Litigation

Citigroup Settles WorldCom Litigation

Governor faces tough choices on lawsuit initiative

Fen-Phen Lawyers Seek Halt of Payouts

Arlen Specter or His Opponent? Trial Lawyers Like Both

Milberg Weiss Completes Its Breakup

Coach's Lawsuit Is Going to Trial