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The Second Amendment angle

November 3, 2006 9:22 AM

Dave Kopel has a long and informative race-by-race run-down in National Review of the gun angle in Tuesday's election, with numerous references to the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act, one of the genuine accomplishments of the past Congress. In general the outlook for gun rights supporters is not looking too bad, but New York as usual is a giant exception, as Kopel notes in this passage:

Imagine if a political party ran a slate consisting of Lord Voldemort, Doctor Doom, and Lex Luthor. That�s the situation facing gun owners in New York, where the top of the Democratic ticket is a collection of anti-gun rights super-villains. The extremist anti-gun record of the Clinton White House is well known. As attorney general, Eliot Spitzer filed an abusive lawsuit against firearms manufacturers, one of the many cases in which his office abused innocent people and business. As secretary of housing and urban development, Andrew Cuomo orchestrated his own slew of abusive lawsuits against law-abiding gun manufacturers.

Update: Kopel also has this post-mortem.




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