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Welcome to our Featured Discussion on the Supreme Court

July 21, 2005 6:30 PM

Welcome to our featured discussion on the future of the Supreme Court, in light of Judge John Roberts' nomination. We're extremely privileged to have two of the nation's leading legal scholars--in both civil and constitutional law--joining us for this discussion: Richard Epstein and Stephen Presser. For more on these scholars, see my longer post in the Forum, earlier today. I will update here as the scholars post; readers can also scroll down or click onto the specific entry in the right-hand column.

UPDATE: Professor Epstein, 7/21; Professor Presser 7/22; Professor Epstein, 7/26; Professor Presser, 7/26; Professor Epstein, 7/28; Professor Presser, 7/28; Professor Epstein, 7/29; Professor Presser, 7/29; Professor Epstein, 8/3; Professor Presser, 8/3; Professor Epstein, 8/4; Professor Presser, 8/4; Professor Epstein, 8/5; Professor Presser, 8/8; Professor Epstein, 8/8; Professor Presser, 8/11; Professor Epstein, 8/12; Professor Presser, 8/18; Professor Epstein, 8/19; Professor Presser, 8/26; Professor Epstein, 8/29; Professor Presser, 8/29; Professor Epstein, 8/30; Professor Presser, Sept. 1; Professor Epstein, Sept. 1; Professor Presser, Sept. 3; Professor Epstein, Sept. 3; Professor Presser, Sept. 4; Professor Epstein, Sept. 4; Professor Presser, Sept. 5; Professor Epstein, Sept. 19; Professor Presser, Sept. 20.




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