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Around the web, February 4 - PointOfLaw Forum

Around the web, August 20 - PointOfLaw Forum

  • More setbacks for lawsuits seeking to tie autism to vaccines [Kathleen Seidel and more]
  • So cute: AFL-CIO's online shop is selling "Wobbly" t-shirts. Do they know much about the violent record of the historic IWW? [Wood, ShopFloor]
  • Northwestern's Searle Center has a program that educates state AGs on economics, related policy [Rizo, Legal NewsLine]
  • Oklahoma AG Edmondson tells his side of the story in regulation-through-litigation suit against poultry farms [AP; earlier here, here, etc.]
  • When you're in the forensic accounting biz, inability to manage your own books is a credibility-sapper [Chicago Business h/t Francine McKenna]
  • A global ADA? U.S. signs U.N. Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, push for Senate ratification expected soon [Mark Weber/Workplace Prof Blog]

Oklahoma can't seek damages in chicken suit - PointOfLaw Forum

Now we find out dept.: a judge says it's because the entire land area in question is set aside for the Cherokee nation. Injunctive relief is still a possibility, but Arkansas Attorney General says the setback for fellow AG Drew Edmondson's suit is "devastating". [Washington Post, Tulsa World, Feedstuffs; earlier]

"Chicken farmers feel threatened by Oklahoma suit" - PointOfLaw Forum

An Associated Press account is surprisingly sympathetic to the poultry farmers whose livelihood is threatened by Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson's big-ticket suit. Trial is set for Sept. 21.

We've covered the suit several times as an example of the coziness of alliances between some state AGs and powerful private trial lawyers:

  • 7/19/05: suit flying mostly under the radar; per AP, in earlier suit by Tulsa "city received only $200,000 of the $7.5 million settlement, with the bulk going to lawyers. Edmondson says Oklahoma's contract with lawyers in the latest case states that fees and expenses won't toll more than 50 percent."
  • 10/6/05: per Will Wilson, AEI's AGWatch, "Edmondson has farmed out the litigation for the suit to campaign contributors; one-third of the booty from the case will go to firms whose letterheads coincide happily with the Edmondson donor list (Riggs, Orbison, Turpen, Neal)";
  • 4/30/06: famed non-Oklahoma firm Motley Rice gets finger-lickin' one-third contingency share;
  • 3/9/08: more on hiring of lawyers;

And more on Edmondson here, here, and here (running for governor).

Edmondson running for Oklahoma governor - PointOfLaw Forum

A regular mentionee on this site, Drew Edmondson is presently serving as the state's Attorney General, from which post he has launched controversial lawsuit campaigns against the poultry industry and others; he can expect plenty of trial lawyer support in his race. [Durant Daily Democrat, NewsOK]

How they got that job, cont'd - PointOfLaw Forum

"Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel cited experience as the main reason for hiring Houston-based Bailey Perrin Bailey (BPB) to sue three Big Pharma companies." It had absolutely nothing to do with the major political donations BPB founding partner Don Bailey has made in Arkansas and elsewhere, including large sums to the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), of which he has been one of the most generous supporters. Related here (Oklahoma and chicken).

Oklahoma's Big Chicken case - PointOfLaw Forum

The Chamber-backed LegalNewsLine explores how the lawyers working for Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson got that job. Earlier here, here, and here.

Supreme Court bulletin: sky not falling - PointOfLaw Forum

ABC News's Jan Crawford Greenburg:

...some of the liberal commentary on the Court since the justices packed up and left town has been almost breathtaking in its over-the-top hysteria. That does no one any favors: not liberals or conservatives � and certainly not the Court itself.

Greenburg proceeds to criticize Oklahoma lawprof Joseph Thai, Chicago lawprof Geoffrey Stone and (inevitably) Times editorialist Adam Cohen for "tabloid-style, Jerry Springer-esque" denunciations of the Roberts Court that evoke "Chicken Littles with their hair on fire", or perhaps a "wrestling smack-down". Both Thai and Cohen, she writes, overstate the significance of the Ledbetter decision on pay challenge time limits, "basically a reprise of a 20-year old decision written by Justice Stevens that had ruled against another woman on essentially the same grounds". Beyond that, many of the "pro-business" decisions denounced by the two were decided by margins wider than 5-4, or in other ways didn't track the liberal-conservative divide on the court ("Both Thai and Cohen write about how the court put limits on punitive damages in the Philip Morris case � and both conveniently fail to mention how the justices voted.") And that's aside from Thai's "preposterous" interpretation of the taxpayer standing case involving a challenge to expenditures on faith-based programs, and his claims that the Court has "made it dramatically more difficult, if not impossible, for ordinary Americans to have their day in court," which, writes Greenburg, "cannot be taken seriously."

Patterico has some further thoughts.

Oklahoma, Arkansas AG races - PointOfLaw Featured Discussion

Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson, much criticized (here, here, and here; see also here and here) for hiring campaign-donor law firms and Motley Rice to pursue potentially lucrative chicken-lot-runoff lawsuits on a contingency fee, appears far ahead in his race for re-election, though Republican challenger James Dunn has campaigned on the issue. In Arkansas, attorney and state representative Dustin McDaniel, who in private practice sued gun manufacturers after the Jonesboro school shooting, is well ahead of a Republican rival; meanwhile, the state's current AG, Democrat Mike Beebe, is favored in a bid for the governor's office.

For Motley Rice, chicken every Sunday - PointOfLaw Forum

Assisting Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson in his legal battle over pollution runoff damage against Tyson Foods and seven other poultry companies with operations in Arkansas (see this post from last year) is none other than the S.C.-based law firm of Motley Rice, of tobacco, asbestos and lead paint fame, to name only the highlights. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in February profiled the firm, which Edmondson has cut in for a finger-lickin' one-third contingency share of the state's recovery. The percentage formula appears a little bit touchy as an issue: "Edmondson said he was disturbed in 2003 when attorneys received $7.3 million of a $7.5 million settlement in the city of Tulsa's lawsuit against Arkansas poultry companies and the city of Decatur over pollution in the Eucha-Spavinaw watershed." Attorney General Mike Beebe of Arkansas has suggested that Edmondson's use of Motley Rice will make it harder to resolve the conflict between the two states: "as long as it's monetary, it's much more difficult for farmers, the people in Arkansas and us to solve the environmental concerns. The more the South Carolina law firm is involved, the more difficult it is for us as a state, the more it's about the money and the less it's about the environment."

More on Edmondson here, here and here.

Update: AEI's AG Watch has more on the story, including links to national news coverage.

AGs profiled, scathingly - PointOfLaw Forum

Be sure to catch John Gizzi's lengthy article on state attorneys general in the September issue (PDF) of the Capital Research Center's publication Organization Trends. After sketching the changing role of state AGs in recent years Gizzi critically profiles several high-profile members of the club including Connecticut's Richard Blumenthal, Illinois's Lisa Madigan and (especially) Oklahoma's Drew Edmondson. He mentions New York's Eliot Spitzer in passing and has relatively favorable things to say about Michigan's Mike Cox. (He's also kind enough to quote me regarding the AGs' most dubious collective accomplishment, the tobacco deal).

While on the topic of Drew Edmondson, Will Wilson at AEI's AGWatch has some fun at the expense of the Oklahoma AG's lawsuit against Arkansas chicken farms on account of the pollution to interstate rivers occasioned by poultry droppings. He notes:

[Attorney General] Edmondson has farmed out the litigation for the suit to campaign contributors; one-third of the booty from the case will go to firms whose letterheads coincide happily with the Edmondson donor list (Riggs, Orbison, Turpen, Neal).

Okla. AG vs. Ark. chicken farms - PointOfLaw Forum

An AP story sheds light on another cozy AG-trial lawyer alliance flying largely under the national political radar:

...Decades of spreading chicken waste on the Ozark Mountains have turned the region [northwest Arkansas] a lush green, but a federal court lawsuit filed by Oklahoma's attorney general could stop the practice and, according to [farmer Gene] Pharr, gut an industry that over 75 years helped transform an isolated region into a vital part of the economy....

Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson last month sued 14 poultry producers, including several owned by Tyson, alleging their waste is polluting scenic rivers across the state line. ...

Edmondson is using the same South Carolina law firm that handled lawsuits against tobacco companies....

[In a previous chicken-pollution case filed by the city of Tulsa,] the city received only $200,000 of the $7.5 million settlement, with the bulk going to lawyers. Edmondson says Oklahoma's contract with lawyers in the latest case states that fees and expenses won't toll more than 50 percent. ...

The Arkansas growers question why Oklahoma sued rather than seek more regulatory standards.

For some political reaction within Oklahoma against Edmondson's activities, see our Mar. 21 report.