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Around the web, December 30 - PointOfLaw Forum

  • Paul Weiss could reap $174 million contingency fee suing Marsh actuaries on behalf of state of Alaska [Juneau Empire via ABA Journal]
  • Wall Street firms head for court over mortgage derivatives [UK Independent]
  • First successful asbestos suit in South Korea [Korea Times]
  • Those darn "Republican male" judges are giving CAFA a sympathetic interpretation, complain Profs. Clermont & Eisenberg [Burch, MassTort Prof]
  • Texas state bar, often seen as lax at disciplining errant lawyer/members, does crack down when they don't pay dues [KXAS Dallas]
  • Memo to John Edwards: even lefty Mother Jones mag thinks you sound like a broken record with the constant business-bashing [Jonathan Stein]
  • A well-diversified portfolio: should it include bets on litigation? [Times Online (UK) via Cowen, who's just noticing this trend, familiar to our readers]
  • Jonathan Kozol is the education expert who seems incapable of learning [Leaf/Weekly Standard]

John McWhorter vs. Jonathan Kozol - PointOfLaw Forum

The Manhattan Institute's own John McWhorter takes on the influential bard of school finance equalization (more here and here).

Jonathan Kozol's savage exaggerations - PointOfLaw Forum

Marcus A. Winters of the Manhattan Institute critically evaluates the work of Jonathan Kozol, the prolific and ever-indignant bard of school finance equalization (more).

Shorter Jonathan Kozol - PointOfLaw Forum

Alex Tabarrok sums him up:

Letting people escape over the Berlin Wall starves the East German system of the presence of well-educated, politically effective people to fight for the equity of all East Germans.