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Rejection of D.C. Circuit nominee may shift judicial nomination practices

Around the web, July 29

Senate Blocks Goodwin Liu Nomination to 9th Circuit

Goodwin Liu, How Harsh to Criticize this 'Brilliant Young Man'

Senate Judiciary approves Jack McConnell for federal bench

Whelan on Goodwin Liu

Judiciary hearings next week: Goodwin Liu, Regulations

President renominates controversial judges, but not Chatigny

Judicial confirmations

News reports: Senate to move on judicial nominations

The Senate will keep the 'Fringe Five' controversial judges

The President's controversial judicial nominees, continued ...

Back to the President for McConnell, Liu, Chatigny, Chen, Butler

Other judicial nominations to watch: Liu, Butler, McConnell

NPR lists Kagan's credentials; other nomination controversies

Goodwin Liu on judges' writings

Getting ready for the Supreme Court debate in the Senate

Milliken, Rodriguez, and Adarand "swept into the dustbin of history"





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