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The dishonesty of NALFA and Terry Jesse

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The National Association of Legal Fee Analysis is Terry Jesse, and, as best I can tell, no one else. Between June and August 2012, NALFA sent me multiple emails inviting me to pay a sizable sum to become a member of their organization and get referrals from them:

You've Been Nominated To The Attorney Fee Practice Group

You've been nominated to the Attorney Fee Practice Group. The Attorney Fee Practice Group is a practice group of qualified attorney fee experts, fee dispute arbitrators, and legal bill auditors.

In another 2012 email, Terry Jesse offered to interview me for a blog post to promote my victory in Bluetooth.

I refused to pay them money to get their endorsement, and ever since then, they've been attacking me in little-read blog posts. If you read this post, you'd think I lost my Citigroup Securities objection and that NALFA was vindicated, when in fact they

In another post, NALFA accused me of filing a "boilerplate objection." They plainly hadn't even read my objection, and quickly edited the post without acknowledging the edit when I asked them to support that claim.

Fortunately, shareholders will receive an extra $26.7 million that NALFA and Terry Jesse thought should go to attorneys who billed 16,000 hours for document review done by attorneys hired after the case settled and then hid that from the judge. NALFA's jaw-dropping North-Korean-style propaganda to the contrary exposes them for the trial-lawyer shills that they are. No credible journalist should be relying upon them—indeed, it seems their pay-us-or-else business model merits some journalistic investigation.

Better coverage of the Citigroup case since my original post: Toothman; Lyle Roberts; SBM Blog; Solomon.

(Update, March 2016: Kenneth Moscaret writes to tell us that he is no longer affiliated with NALFA and does not wish to have any further dealings with Terry Jesse.)

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