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Jewish or Asian and rejected by Berkeley undergrad?


Call your lawyer. A jaw-dropping essay in the New York Times by a Berkeley outside admissions reviewer documents the perversion of California Prop 209 to discriminate against Asians and Jews with superior admissions credentials. Earlier at POL.

Update: Charles Murray notices, too.


I don't understand why there haven't been many lawsuits. Perhaps someone can explain -- is it because there is no specific statute giving an applicant standing to sue for more than injunctive relief, so no money verdicts are possible? Are class actions against these universities disallowed for some reason?

Over three decades I've interviewed scores of engineers and new graduates. I sought people to work in my departments. High school grades, activities, SAT scores, etc. meant absolutely nothing to me. College GPA was only mildly interesting as was the college that granted their degrees. I hired engineers who showed that they would work hard, show some creative thinking, were receptive to training and constructive criticism, could work well within a team, had good problem solving skills. I also looked for what I call fire in the belly, the drive and intensity that propels employees in the workplace to yield relevant results. I tried to identify and reject flakes, divas and divos, any who might be high maintenance employees. In retrospect, this approach worked for me, my colleagues, and employers. There seems to be little correlation between college admissions criteria and my hiring criteria.

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