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Salmonson v. Bed Bath & Beyond

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If you have access to a residential mailbox near a major metropolitan area, you've surely been blizzarded with enough "20% off" non-expiring coupons from vendor Bed Bath & Beyond to wallpaper your bathroom; you likely feel like an idiot if you ever pay full price there.

So you'll be amused to learn that a California-state class action settlement entitles those who remember that they made a purchase between January 1 and January 14, 2011 to a—wait for it—15% off coupon, albeit one only good for 180 days. This is a settlement of a Song-Beverly Act claim for $1000. Related: Overlawyered; Stoll.

1 Comment

That was a waste of a courtroom's time. This was a lawsuit so a lawyer could make money since we know Bed Bath & Beyond paid that bill.

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