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Did illegal immigration crackdowns hurt farmers?

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A standard argument against illegal immigration crackdowns is the effect on farmers from the resulting "farm labor shortage." Of course, as any economist can tell you, there's no such thing as a "shortage," only an unwillingness of purchasers to pay a market price that may have previously been artificially depressed. In any event, 2011 farm profits were at a record high, despite all the threats of crops rotting in the fields because of the lack of Mexicans to illegally perform farmwork. We can understand why the Chamber of Commerce supports policies that reduce wages. Why do Democrats want to reduce the wages of unskilled Americans and increase inequality? [Carney @ CNBC]

1 Comment

Maybe but they are just experiencing how business works without using illegal labor so they need to adjust to legal reality. Illegal aliens have been harming the US public for decades, talk more about that.

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