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Around the web, September 16

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  • Michael Carvin testimony defends Citizens United and criticizes DOJ's attacks on Texas over redistricting; meanwhile, no one in the media is covering the fact that DOJ's litigation against South Carolina was politically motivated, brought over the objections of liberal career staff. [Senate Judiciary Committee; Adams]
  • SCOTUSblog symposium on the Fisher case.
  • Our vulnerable embassies. [City Journal; Steyn]
  • Did the NCAA exceed its powers to shake down Penn State for tens of millions of dollars? [Little]
  • Is the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States an agency beyond judicial review? [Elwood @ Volokh]

  • "If At First You Don't Succeed As A Patent Troll, Just Sue Again" [TechDirt]

  • "Ambassador's murder fuels calls for hate-speech bans" [OL link round-up]
  • Calls for a new Glass-Steagall are political posturing and misguided. [Wallach]
  • A small number of studies report positive results for childhood early intervention programs; most do not. [Murray]

  • "Obama skirts rule of law to reward pals, punish foes" [Barone]
  • Epstein on the Obama DNC speech. [Epstein]

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