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$14.5M New Jersey settlement over metal baseball bats

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Steven Domalewski suffered a freak injury playing Little League baseball when he was struck in the chest by a batted ball, and the family has successfully sued every deep pocket peripherally involved, including the metal bat manufacturer, Little League, and a sporting-good chain. [ESPN]

If there is evidence that the injury was the result of a metal bat rather than the unfortunate timing and placement of where the baseball hit Domalewski, it's absent from the press coverage. The Consumer Product Safety Commission completed a study on this issue and concluded in 2002 that there is no evidence to suggest that non-wood bats pose any greater risk than wood bats; baseball is a hazardous game, and those hazards occur with both wooden and non-wooden bats. [via baseballcoaches.org]

Earlier on aluminum bats: June 2007; Overlawyered.

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