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Around the web, June 23

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  • EPA fines oil refiners for failing to use nonexistent biofuel that doesn't even reduce carbon emissions. [Hot Air]

  • Plaintiffs' firms jockey for lucrative roles on executive committee in gigantic privacy MDL in Northern District of California, but don't jockey so hard that they offer to compete with lower fees to their putative class clients. Defendant Carrier IQ complains that setting up an executive committee adds delay and fees to litigation. [Recorder/law.com]
  • Oklahoma trial lawyers back stalking-horse candidates in Republican primaries. Unclear whether they expect bipartisan support for bogus "Seventh Amendment" arguments against civil justice reform, or are hoping to sabotage Republican races to improve chances of Democrats being elected. [Tulsa World]
  • No surprise to POL readers: the well-publicized $10k small-claims court win against Honda was overturned on appeal. [ABAJ]

  • Expand the Supreme Court to 19 justices to reduce influence of individual "swing" justices, stakes of individual nominations? Another side benefit would be more labor to write more opinions. [Turley @ WaPo]
  • Questionable claim of executive privilege by Obama administration. [Hinderaker]
  • Warren smears Cherokee women who protest her lies. [Jacobson]
  • Corporate welfare for GM and GE at the expense of taxpayers and productive economic activity. [Kibbe @ Forbes]

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