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Around the web, May 11

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  • Is there nothing lawyers can't do? NSF-funded law review article divorced from reality: "Tort actions may impel industry to take voluntary steps to redesign chemical molecules ... to be less toxic." $366,785 of your tax dollars at work encouraging US courts to cripple American industry. [Oliver]
  • Mac Donald on US v. Arizona argument. [Washington Examiner]
  • Jeffrey Rosen still pushing bogus "Constitution in Exile" conspiracy theory. [Greve]
  • Several amicus briefs in Rubashkin Supreme Court appeal. [ABAJ link roundup]
  • Warren scandal grows; Penn Law also identified her as minority; despite claims from friends, minority status surely counted for something in Harvard Law hiring decision. [Zywicki @ Volokh; Jacobson; Coulter; Bader; Bader; Bedard; Popehat; earlier on POL]

  • False criminal allegation leaves man unemployed, in hock to criminal defense attorneys. [NYDN]
  • New York state health insurance mess. [McMahon @ Newsday]
  • The Obama enemies list in action. [Strassel @WSJ]
  • Has the new North Korean regime made a fatal "New-Coke"-like blunder in its internal marketing? A long read that's worth it. [38 North]

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