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Around the web, May 10

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  • Congratulations to my law school buddy, Ward Farnsworth, named dean of University of Texas Law School. [Statesman; Alcalde; UT; earlier at POL]
  • Prosecution wraps their case against John Edwards; it seems to be built largely on embarrassing him. And why is it more illegal for Bunny Mellon to fund a mistress than a "BS-y antipoverty institute"? [Kaus; Hasen @ Slate; Politico]
  • Ousted Senator Lugar pushing bad "Law of the Sea" treaty. [Rabkin @ CEI; Daily Caller; see also Tabin]
  • Judge Richard Posner, who a decade ago argued that the First Amendment protects nude dancing, would not extend it to the right of citizens to record police officers. Fortunately, the other two judges on the panel disagreed. [Volokh; ACLU v. Alvarez]

  • RIP Vidal Sassoon, an early challenger to bogus occupational licensing requirements. [Virginia Postrel in 1998]
  • California rejects reform against disability filing mills, though ATRA coverage incorrectly calls it a question under the federal ADA.
  • Who says we're not wealthier than 40 years ago? Even on a per capita scale, this is a remarkable increase about 50%. [Census Bureau via @thestalwart]
  • Lincoln didn't invent Facebook. [Atlantic]

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