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Around the web, May 1

  • The cy pres problem is far from entirely fixed: a California-state consumer-fraud lawsuit against Acura resulted in a $94,500 award to the Make-a-Wish foundation that the plaintiffs' lawyers treat as their own personal donation. [press release; more on cy pres]
  • A reminder: the gender-pay gap reflects career choices by men and women, rather than employer discrimination. In urban areas, single women in their 20s make $1.05 for every $1 single men in their 20s make, a number that goes up to $1.20 for "certain cities with a heavily knowledge-driven employment base." Law isn't going to "fix" this without top-down commands requiring women to prefer work to staying at home, a cure one would think is worse than the supposed disease. [Hymowitz @ WSJ; Lowry; Hymowitz @ WSJ]
  • California appellate court awards punitive damages based on defendant's denial of wrongdoing. [Cutting]
  • Disparate impact banking defendants fight back. [Bank Lawyer's Blog; earlier]
  • N.D. California federal court rejects forum-shopping national class action. [Trask]
  • Adam White on David Dorsen on the great Judge Henry Friendly. [WSJ (h/t D.R.)]
  • "The GSA scandal obscures a broader problem: the shell game of federal largesse." [Mac Donald @ City Journal]
  • Illinois, pension basket case. [Barro @ Bloomberg]
  • Speaking of riots, Theodore Dalrymple bemoans the state of the UK. [City Journal; WSJ]
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