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Obamacare Debate Complete: The participant with the most compelling argument was...

On Tuesday, March 27, Point of Law launched a featured discussion to run concurrent to the oral arguments in the health care cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Participating the discussion were some of the nation's leading legal scholars and analysts. We are really grateful for their participation in what was an engaging, thought-provoking and comprehensive discussion which while not "unprecedented" on Point of Law was of the highest caliber.

Now we would like to know what our readers thought of the discussion. We want to know which discussant you believed had the most compelling arguments and how you think the court will rule on the challenged portions of the health care legislation. All of the comments are available under our featured discussions tab and sorted from oldest to newest post. We look forward to your feedback!

Additionally, two new podcast interviews will be uploaded on PoL next week featuring discussants Nadine Strossen and Michael Rosman as they react to the oral arguments and expand on the arguments they articulated in their comments.

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