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Berkeley anti-Israel protest litigation

The Blaze headline for a Tiffany Gabbay article is "CA JUDGE DEEMS RAMMING JEWISH WOMAN WITH SHOPPING CART 'FREE SPEECH'", but that's simply inaccurate.

Jessica Felber sued UC-Berkeley for "discrimination" for an incident where, when she was counter-protesting an anti-Israel demonstration, Muslim students jeered her with anti-Semitic slurs and one hit her with a shopping cart. But Berkeley had the assaulter arrested; the judge simply ruled that Berkeley was not liable for the violence and that free speech protected the two sets of demonstrators.

That's a good result for conservatives in the long run; any other result would have countenanced university crackdowns on conservative speech based on political correctness by "offended" students similarly complaining about hostile environments. Jihad Watch, critical of the court's decision, should be especially sensitive to this given how other nations less solicitous of free-speech rights turn the awesome power of government against criticism of Islam.

Elsewhere: SF Chron.

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