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Around the web, January 27

  • That amendments to the Lacey Act make it impossible for American businesses to comply with importation regulations (as in the case of Gibson Guitar) without risking draconian criminal consequences is viewed by environmentalists and domestic producer special interests as a feature, rather than a bug. [Strassel]
  • The Engle progeny tobacco cases and their curious view of claim preclusion start to arrive in the U.S. Supreme Court. [SCOTUSBlog; Lahav]

  • Dumb class action against Nutella now looks to reward attorneys with millions. [Jackson; OL]

  • Business groups seeking change to Philadelphia courts' unfair reverse bifurcation procedures. [LNL]
  • Judge McConnell not impressed by OLC opinion on recess appointments. [AFS]
  • Loudoun County, Virginia taxpayers on hook for tens of thousands of dollars because governmental body's scorched-earth litigation against citizen who took a legal photo of a Board of Equalization meeting. [WaPo (h/t D.A.)]
  • Government-created shortage of Adderall and Ritalin; meanwhile, some trial lawyers putting profits ahead of people and seeking to ban entirely. [Star-Tribune; OL; Alkon; LA Weekly; L&S]

  • Mitt Romney's true tax rate is over 44%. [Tax Prof]
  • Annals of the improbable alibi. [ABAJ]

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