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Around the web, December 15

  • Our coverage of (and my litigation against) coupon settlements earns Missouri an dishonorable mention in the 2011-12 Judicial Hellholes report. Philadelphia gets the #1 spot. [Report; website]
  • Thom Lambert is skeptical of the American Antitrust Institute's jury instruction project, given that institution's poor track record in favoring plaintiffs' lawyers over consumers. [TOTM]

  • Engineer criminally prosecuted under Clean Water Act without mens rea for mistakenly diverting sewage from flooding a military retirement home into waterway. [WSJ via Right on Crime]
  • Republican legislators tied to trial bar blocking needed tort reform in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. [Armstrong Williams @ WaTi]
  • Arkansas Supreme Court turns itself into legislature, strikes down 2003 legislative cap on punitive damages. [Times Record]
  • New York City elevator fatality will likely result in liability (as it should), but let's remember that elevators are much safer than they used to be despite the product liability system. [NYT; earlier on POL]
  • Was going to cover this, but already well-covered: "Posner: lawyers appeared more likely to run junk-fax suit for own interests than clients'." [OL; Beck; Trask]
  • Speaking of Philadelphia, Pfizer will settle jackpot justice Philadelphia HRT verdicts for undisclosed amounts rather than risk punitive damages. [law.com; earlier]

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