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Troy Davis

Before one calls the Troy Davis execution a miscarriage of justice, as many reporters have knee-jerkingly indicated, one might want to read the 172-page opinion by a Clinton-appointed federal judge calling the late-invented claim of innocence "smoke and mirrors." More: Erickson, noting that of the seven witnesses who "recanted," only two materially changed their testimony, and Davis's lawyers refused to permit them to testify under oath in the habeas hearing.

Certainly, there are arguments against the death penalty. Davis's "innocence" isn't one of them. Coincidentally, as the NAACP played the race card, Texas executed white supremacist Lawrence Brewer for the race-motivated torture-murder of James Byrd, Jr. by dragging. Give credit to the NCADP and the Nation for a consistency I haven't seen elsewhere on the Internet.

More: Charles Lane.

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